Honduras Staff

Daniel Antonio Tercero Hernandez, Executive Director
Daniel took over as Executive Director in January of 2016. Daniel also served as the Education Coordinator for our ministry. He started work in August, 2012.  Daniel has a degree in mathematics and is a former teacher.  He and his wife, Maria, and their children live in Pena Blanca.

Daniel's favorite verse is Isaiah 41:10   


Dra. Ondina Rapalo
Dra. Ondy, as we affectionately call her, is the dentist at the Ministerio Sal y Luz Clinic.  She has been with the clinic since 2008.  During her tenure at the clinic, more people are coming to have dental work done.  Dra. Ondina oversees the Feeding Center Program, which is a component of the Health Program.  Dra. Ondina attended high school in San Pedro Sula and graduated from dental school in Tegucigalpa.  She lives in El Jaral with her two sons, Daniel and Brian.

Dra. Ondina’s favorite Bible verse is Jeremiah 33:3


Dra. Karla Susana Gonzales 
Dra. Karla has been the doctor at Ministerio Sal y Luz since 2010.  She not only sees the patients at the clinic but she is in charge of the nursing staff and pharmacy.  She also helps the other staff members plan and implement the many health related projects that the ministry is involved in.  Dra. Karla attended school in Canavaral and graduated from medical school in Havana, Cuba.  She lives in Pena Blanca with her husband, Carlos, and their son, Carlitos.

Dra. Karla’s favorite Bible verse is Isaiah 41:10


Lesly Nohemy Vasquez
Lesly has been the accountant for Ministerio Sal y Luz since 2007.  Lesly is originally from San Marcos, Ocotepeque and attended school there. Lesly has a degree in Business Administration.  Lesly lives in Pena Blanca.

Lesly’s favorite Bible verse is Joshua 1:9


Evis Jonathan Gomez
Evis has worked for Ministerio Sal y Luz since 2009 and is in charge of Micro Business and coordinating arrangements for the teams from the United States.  Evis attended schools in the lake area.  He is married to Cinthia and they live in Pena Blanca and are expecting their first child.

Evis’ favorite Bible verse is Psalms 51:10



Milton Leonel Ortiz
Milton is responsible for monitoring the projects developed by the ministry; also he makes sure that the computer equipment works properly.  He lives in Peña Blanca with his wife Lilian.

Milton’s favorite scripture is Matthew 28:19


Maria Carolina Aleman de Recarte
Carolina has worked as a nurse for Ministerio Sal y Luz Clinic since 2008.  She lived and went to school in Rio Lindo.  Carolina is married and lives  with her husband in Pena Blanca.  Carolina is a wonderful cook and helps with dinners and parties at the clinic. 

Carolina’s favorite scripture is Psalms 102


Karen Vianey Maradiaga de Gomez
Karen has been the receptionist for the clinic since 2008.  She enters all the information for the patients as they arrive.  Karen married her best friend, Josias, and they live in Pena Blanca.

Karen favorite scripture is I Thessalonians 5:18


Jackeline Garcia Coto
Jacky is a nurse at Ministerio Sal y Luz Clinic and is responsible for taking vital signs after the patients are checked in.  Jacky has worked for Ministerio Sal y Luz for five years.  She and her daughter, Esther, live in El Jaral.            

Jacky’s favorite Bible verse is Proverbs 22:6

Ana Gabriela Martinez
Ana is the dental assistant and lives in Pena Blanca with her parents. She attended High School in Pena Blanca and finished with a Computer Science course of study.

Ana’s favorite scripture is Phillipians 4:13


Rigo Munoz
Rigo is in charge of maintenance of the grounds and vehicles at the clinic.  He is also a great bus driver.  Rigo has been working for Ministerio Sal y Luz since 2007.  He and his wife Teresa live in El Eden and have two children and several grandchildren.  Rigo grew up and attended school in El Tigre.

Rigo’s favorite scripture is Jeremiah 33:3


Manuel de Jesus Sabillon
Manuel is a security guard at the clinic.  Manuel lives in Pena Blanca and has two children that are grown and live in San Pedro Sula.


Manuel’s favorite verse is Joshua 1:9



Juan Gavarrete
Juan is a security guard at the clinic.  He lives in Pena Blanca and has four children.
Juan's favorite bible verse is Jeremiah 3:33 



Maria Luisa Meza
Maria has worked for Sal y Luz since June 2015; she is in charge of keeping the clinic clean during the day.   She lives in El Eden with her husband and children.
Maria's favorite bible verse is Psalms 36:5