Salt and Light Ministry Foundation built a modern, well furnished clinic overlooking Lake Yojoa, located in the central part of Honduras.  The clinic is staffed with a full time doctor and dentist along with nurses and support staff to assist the medical staff.  The clinic includes several exam rooms, two dental chairs, a chapel and space for several administrative offices.  There is also a large area for minor surgical procedures and an x-ray room that will be equipped In the future.

In addition to the patients being able to receive free medical and dental care, they also receive medicine without charge.  The patients that are able to pay for their visit are charged the equivalent of $5.00.

Because we want to address the spiritual and physical needs of the people, a local pastor has a devotional time that they may attend while they wait for the clinic to open.  In addition to the service provided by the pastor, the staff provides lectures and demonstrations of different health related topics.

Another component of our health services are the soup kitchens that different churches in the United States support during the year.  We have a total of four soup kitchens in operation around the lake area.  The children are fed lunch five days a week.  The children that are fed each day are selected by our medical staff in Honduras.  The staff makes periodic visits to each soup kitchen to monitor the food preparation, menus and general operation of the soup kitchens.

Several years ago, we felt the need to address the lack of clean water for the people in Honduras.  Most of the drinking water in our area is piped from a mountain stream to a village.  Because of the porous soil in the area, lack of safe disposal of waste and regulation of agricultural pesticides, the water becomes polluted and unsafe to drink.  We now have several churches and groups from the United States installing water purification systems in the villages around the area.  These installations have been a life saver for the people in these villages since there are far less instances of digestive related illnesses in these areas. These water purification systems are designed and developed by Living Waters for the World of Tennessee.

Every year, several medical teams come to villages in the Lake Yojoa area so that they can examine and treat the people in the villages.  In addition to treating the people, the teams also provide training for the people in the areas of health prevention.  The doctors and staff at our clinic are also encouraged to learn and work with the doctors from the United States that are educated in special areas of medicine.

Our ministry is very grateful for the medical teams that help the staff of the clinic and the people of Honduras by sharing their time and expertise with the people in the villages around the lake.